PAL0600051030 is the solution when heavy duty slip resistance is required because made of tough, durable, special stones  capable to last longer, embedded in extremely strong, all weather polymer substrate coated with a powerful, high bond pressure sensitive adhesive.
Easy installation, conformability, high value for money, light weight and durable anti slip qualities.

Antiskid with adhesive on liner, light grey, 80 grit, width 51mm (2"), length 3m (3.3yds)

-boat deck


-stairs and ladders

-any slippery surface that is walked on

Crystal clear PET clamshell with eurohole and barcode

Other products

The product is available in the following configurations:
PAB080 black grit 80, 1291mm (48") x 18.29m (20yds)   

PAB060 black grit 60, 1067mm (42") x 18.29m (20yds)   

PAG060 grey grit 60, 1067mm (42") x 18.29m (20yds)  

PAL060 light grey grit 60, 1067mm (42") x 18.29m (20yds)  

PAB080051030 black grit 80, 51mm (2") x 3m (3.3yds)   

PAB060051030 black grit 60, 51mm (2") x 3m (3.3yds)   

PAG060051030 grey grit 60,  51mm (2") x 3m (3.3yds)  

PAL060051030 light grey grit 60, 51mm (2") x 3m (3.3yds)   

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