Interior 1.25m x 25m


INTERIOR  PIW20001250250 is a foam PE with a removable low tack acrylic adhesive suitable for the protection of delicate surfaces sucj as the boat interiors.
It’s comformable, quick and easy to use just the time to cut the product from the rolls and apply. A great product to protect the boat whether it be the construction, delivery, boat maintenance or racing phases.Once used, easy to remove and leaving the protected surfaces immaculate without residue.

Foamed PE with low tack acrylic adhesive linerless, white, thickness 2mm, roll 1.25m x 25m 
Suitable to protect 31.25 sqm.

Interior on the boat (doors, laminates, etc)

Clear PE bag with barcode

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PIW20000250250 2mm, 0.25m wide, 25m long

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