Laser® Mast Wear Kit


Laser® Mast Wear Kit contains two stripes of UHMWPE with acrylic adhesive on liner to be applied on the mast boot and mast collar complete to reduce the wear and tear of the gelcoat.

Specifications and applications
2 stripes of translucent UHMWPE with with acrylic adhesive on liner, 500 micron (20mil), 51mm (2") wide, 200mm (8") long  

Crystal clear BOPP sleeve with eurohole and barcode.

Other products
PML001 Laser ® Wear Kit, 2 stripes, 500 micron, 51mm wide, 200mm long
PML002 Laser ® Mast Disk, 1mm, diameter 65mm
PML003 Laser ® Kit contains PML001, PML002, PML004 plus solution for the outhaul, centre board and tiller 
PML004 Laser ® Mast Snug fit, two stripes snug fit of the upper mast section
PML007 Laser ® 5 adhesive squares labels for centre board



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