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Loopx livello 2

PROtect WING are solutions for wingsails.
Wing are different. We did realize that three years ago and a sound program was put together to create a complete range of products for this configuration of sails, representing the future of racing and sailing.
The film for the wing is available in different gauges, all very strong, tough, clear, biaxially oriented, heat shrinkable polyolefin based film.
Our solutions have high shrink force for superior bundling capability, superior tear, impact and abrasion resistance, high gloss, clarity, excellent printability and UV stability.
All films are full fully compatible with the assembling tapes.
The link between the film and the carbon fibre wing frame is guaranteed by special double sided adhesive with polyester carrier and asymetrical acrylic adhesive on both sides.
The result is an extremely light tape with high shear strength, UV stability and easy to apply.
A perfect wingsail required an additional thin layer to cover and protect the edges of the film and give the final touch the sail of the future.

PWC025 clear 25 micron (1mil), 1720mm (5.6') wide, small wings
PWC038 clear 38 micron (1.5mil), 1720mm (5.6') wide, Class C
PWC050 clear 50 micron (2mil), 1720mm (5.6') wide, AC45 and equivalent wings, AC72 beam
PWC075 clear 75 micron (3mil), 1720mm (5.6') wide, AC72

PWD01313 clear 13 micron (0.5mil) carrier and 38 micron (1.5mil) adhesive. Double sided adhesive tape
PWD01328 clear 23 micron (0.9mil) carrier and 25 micron (1.0mil) adhesive.Double sided adhesive tap

Additionally tailor made products available on request.



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