PROtect WRAP is a linered self amalgamating modified polyisobutylene tape, designed to stretch and stick to itself, forming a very strong and waterproof bond without leaving sticky stains on your boat fittings or your mast boot. Available in black and white.
The narrow tape (25mm wide) is ideal for riggind screws, terminals, electrics while the special wide rolls (100, 150 and 250mm) creates a flexible, long lasting, good looking, instant welding waterproof mast collar what will not leak. It’s easy and fast to apply.

PWB500025100  black, 500 micron, 25mm, 10m
PWB800150100  black, 800 micron, 150mm, 10m
PWB800250100  black, 800 micron, 250mm, 10m
PWW500025050 white, 500 micron, 25mm, 5m
PWB500100030  white, 500 micron, 25mm, 3m

Clear PE bag with barcode


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