Boat Building

Modern shipyards are no longer what they were just few years ago.
Advance technology and new materials are now widely available around the planet and many are the centers of excellence.
The mould is the eesential to final result and at PROtect tape, we care of your boat since the conception, even before craftsmen lay down the first layer of carbon fiber.
In fact, before huge quantities of fibers and plastic resins are molded in enormous molds, a very thin PTFE glass coated film as release from it, is applied on the mold either male or female; the same happens in process of making carbon fiber parts such as carbon mast, boom, rudders and for all interiors of the boat.

Our PTFE glass coated films guarantee have superior thermal and dimensional stability and the best release from the mold and can withstand the most challenging requirements and extreme operating conditions. This is one of the reason why our solutions have been recently chosen by most of the AC syndacates for the construction of hulls, wings and other parts

  • PMF076 PTFE glass coated 76micron, silicon adhesive, liner
  • PMF125 PTFE glass coated 125micron, silicon adhesive, liner
  • PMF150 PTFE glass coated 250micron, silicon adhesive, liner
  • PMT076 PTFE glass coated 76micron
  • PMT125 PTFE glass coated 125micron
  • PMT150 PTFE glass coated 150micron
  • PMT250 PTFE glass coated 250micron
  • PCS050 PTFE 50 micron, silicon adhesive, liner
  • PCS050 PTFE 76 micron, silicon adhesive, liner