PROtect HEADFOIL is the ideal protection against damages to your plastic, composite or metallic headfoil from severe contact abrasion of rotating spinnaker/guy or because of gybing gennaker sheets. It’s a combination of special polymer and strong adhesives. The product is available in two versions: 

  • PHT (translucent) or PHB (black) for small boat up to 40’
  • PHP (light grey) is made of PTFE providing higher resistance to friction and temperature, strongly recommended for larger yachts or whenever a superior resistance is required.

For larger yachts using alluminium or carbon fiber furlers, options are wider: the above PHT/PHB or PHP are extremely good but for extra protection PROtect CHAFE 250 micron (10mil) or 500 micron (20mil) either translucent or black in custom width, the largest so far is 280 micron for Kokomo 3. 

All products are liner tapes, very easy to use and apply because already die cut to the standard size of any headfoil system but it can be made in custom sizes too.