Boom / Mast

Make sure that you have a wide selection of PROtect CHAFE and MASK because the mast and the boom need extra care and protection. The most common problem is the gennaker/spinnaker sheet dragging under the boom and even in very light wind conditions few nautical miles downwind are enough to scratch the boom paint and make grooves on it.

A long stripe of PROtect Chafe from the mainsail block to the vang is definetely fixing the problem; the product is available in translucent and black and in different gauges, generally 250 micron (10mil) under 30’ and 500 micron (20mil) above.
The width should be wide enouhg to protect underneath the painted boom from any contact with the gennaker sheets, better few centimetres (one inch) more than less.

The same product can be used under/around the boom covering the possible escursion of the clew/outhaul on loose footed mainsail, on the contact points with the reef lines, lazyjack, pad eyes and many other areas of the boom.

The mast front should be cover with PROtect Chafe 250 micron (10mil) either translucent or black from the mast collar for a couple of meters or more in case or larger yachts while for the leading edge of the spreaders the option could between PROtect Chafe 250 micron (10mil) and 500 micron (20mil), depending on the size of the boat and shape of the spreaders.

For the speaders tips PROtect MASK guarantees a tight wrap together with a slippery surface making impossible to damage the genoa or the hoisting/dropping kite in case of close contact. In this case 25mm (1”) tape is easy to handle and the choice in between PMG050025330 (grey with 140% elongation at break) and PML050025330 (grey with 300% elongation at break); the same products are available in thicker grades, up to 250 micron (10mil) with liner or linerless.

If the mast is equipped with batten cars, PROtect Chafe 125 micron (5mil) or 250 micron (10mil), 25 mm (1”) or less either translucent or black, normally could avoid friction between the cars and the mast profile.

For the halyard shave box again PROtect Chafe 125 micron (5mil) or 250 micron (10mil), normally 25 mm (1”) either translucent or black.

Underdeck the mast can be protected from wear and tear coming from hydraulics, blocks, halyards and rigging using a patch of PROtect Chafe 125 micron (5mil) or 250 micron (10mil), normally 25 mm (1”) either translucent or black.