Flush deck are the best enemy of PROtect tapes because a well designed deck layout requires limited products.
In a real world there the deck is not flat and the deck design can be harmful.

On the bow and bowsprit PROtect CHAFE 250 micron (10mil) under 30’ and 500 micron (20mil) in combination with PROtect MASK ideally PMG050, PML050 and PML125 are great options.

We have seen our PML050025330 wrapping the front upper and lower lifeline but an additional benefit on stanchion could be a vertical stripe PROtect CHAFE 250 micron (10mil), inside to facilitate the genoa and on the stern stanchions against the chafe made by Code 0 sheets.

Barber haulers, down lift, manual furling ropes are normally dragging the deck.
Some extra protection is required in the genoa cars area either because of the sheets or moving blocks.
The halyard and genoa winch area is also a critical points where a small stripe of PROtect CHAFE 500 micron (20mil) or 250 micron (10mil) can save the paint and possible equipment failure.