The interior of the boat is extremely delicate and we want to preserve at best.
No more air bubble rolls, masking tapes and time (and temper) wasted to apply and remove them.

PROtect Interior has been designed for the aircraft industry and it’s a clever product, easy to apply and remove and leaving the laminates immaculate without glue residue. It’s a linerless foam PE laminated with LDPE and a low tack acrylic adhesive.
For wide and almost flat surfaces we suggest to use the roll 1.25m wide and switch to the roll 250mm wide for smaller areas.
The film is extremely strong and conforms to the surface therefore suitable for any area of the boat. 

PIW20001250250 2mm, 1.25m wide, 25m long
PIW20000250250 2mm, 0.25m wide, 25m long

There are part of the boat requiring attention and care., for example the companion way on a cruising-racing boat.
If we store sail bags underdeck, the risk to scratch and damage this are is extremely high therefore in connection with PROtect Interior we may think to apply stripes of PROtect CHAFE translucent either in 250 micron (10mil) or 125 micron (5mil) to make smoother and more slippery the surface. This solution makes easier and faster the crew work, 152mm (6″) would do the job on any kind of boat.

Same logic for the bow hatch, especially to hoist and drop the spinnaker/gennaker. In this case the options are PROtect MASK PML050 51mm (2″) or 102mm (4″) or for heavier load PML125 102mm (4″)