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Groupama first at Volvo Ocean Race

Frank Cammas and Groupama is the winner of the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12 after a journey of 37,000 miles around the globe.
The french team well deserve the victory and is a combination of several factors including consistency and reliability.
In the first leg down to Cape Town they took brave tactical decisions splitting from the fleet along the Marocco coast and Groupama 4 broke the mast in leg 5 Auckland to Itajaí holding a narrow lead over Puma. This is the Volvo Ocean Race.
We met the V70 team in Lorient in July 2010. PROtect tapes was the supplier of the little Extreme 40.
This edition has been extremely challenging not only for the crews and shore teams but for our products.
Yesterday we got confirmation that some of the tapes applied before the start in Alicante were still on the mast.
All teams stressed the two essential points of the solutions required and provided: performance and lightness. 

Research & Innovation team has gathered very useful information, essential for the continuos performance program of PROtect tapes, few new products will be launched after this experience.

PROtect tapes
 is widely used on the Volvo 70 but each team is taking a different approach about chafing, friction and abrasion.

The only common products for all team are PMF076965330 and PMF125965330, glass coated PTFE used with silocon adhesive as mold release that has been used for the boat construction, during the stopover for small repair and in the few unforeseen pit stops.

PROtect CHAFE is used on the mast, on the deck and on the daggerboards and PROtect MASK on the rigging.

This is the list of the products normally used on the V70 (plus some tailor made products developed for some of teams):

PROtect CHAFE in various widths and lenghts

PROtect tapes is also official supplier of Team Telefonica.