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Sebastien Roubinet and Vincent Berthet are crossing the Artic Ocean

In four weeks from now Luna Rossa and Emirates Team New Zealand will be the first on the starting line to be the Challenger of the America’s Cup but at the same time PROtect tapes will be with Sebastien Roubinet and Vincent Berthet.
They are going to cross the Arctic Ocean, through water and ice, with only the wind and their own stamina to carry them. The departure is set from Point Barrow (Alaska) with arrival in Spitsbergen (Norway) via the North Pole, after nearly 3000 km (1750 nautical miles).
They will be aboard a very peculiar vessel, a catamaran/ice boat hybrid capable of sailing on both water and ice.  
When the winds will be favorable, the sails will be able to carry them; otherwise they will need to tow the boat themselves for two, maybe three months… without any external assistance. 

PROtect tapes is Official Supplier and has developped special products applied under the boat to reduce the friction between the hull and the ice, able to resist to water, low temperatures, extreme conditions and time (3 months).

What is their and our motivation? Several reasons: a technological bet, a sporting challenge requiring extraordinary physical and mental health, and love of the Polar Regions. Love, and therefore fear for those countries threatened by recent climate changes.

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